Terms & Conditions


Exchange: Type of sales transaction, DSI (Digit Systems International) provides good working parts to customer and customer returns defective, but repairable parts back to DSI which shares identical PN (parts number) or alternate PN that was communicated with sales representation at the time of order.

Outright: Type of sales transaction, DSI provides good working parts to customer and customer has no obligation to return any parts back to DSI.

Exchange Core: Defective, but repairable parts which share identical PN with the original shipment that is returned to DSI on exchange sales.

RA: Return Authorization, must be requested for all exchange transactions and warranty claims prior to returning to DSI for proper identification.

Core Deposit: different amounts between outright and exchange prices.

Prorated Warranty: Warranty that usually applies to an X-ray tube, as warranty day passes the refundable amount decreases in the same ratio.

Loaner: Type of transaction, DSI provides good working parts to customers for an agreed period time and the customer returns the parts back in good working condition through RA. Failure to return within agreed period time, failure to return, failure to return identical parts shipped or failure to return working parts may result in additional billing

Repair: Type of transaction, Customer sends defective, but repairable parts to DSI and DSI repairs and ships back to the customer under agreed warranty. Lead time for repair may vary


 All DSI sales comply with incoterms: EXW(Ex-Work) unless otherwise specified at the time of sale. DSI will be responsible for packaging the goods, making or labeling them, and making the product available at a designated location. Once the goods have been placed at the customer’s disposal, the customer is responsible for all costs and risks related to the goods.


 At the time of exchange sales, DSI provides RA (Return Authorization) number to be included with the return of exchange core back to DSI.
 Exchange core is required to return to DSI within 30 days from original shipment date unless otherwise communicated and approved by DSI sales representative.
 Failure to return exchange core within the agreed period will result in additional billing, equivalent to core deposit charge
 All returned exchange core should share identical parts number (unless agreed with sales repetitive in advance) with original shipment and repairable. If the exchange core has a different PN, unrepairable, or missing component, a notification will be sent to customer, and the customer will have 5 business days to return the valid exchange core.
 Failure to return within the agreed period will result in additional billing


 If the customer receives the DOA product, the customer has 10 days from the original shipment date to report DOA to DSI and an additional 7 days to return DOA product back to DSI.
 DOA Claimed product may be denied if
 Customer opens product without prior approval
 Customer tempers with the product or its warranty seal
 The damage was found on the product
 Customer claim symptom does not match with DSI evaluated symptom
 Fail to return within the agreed period will be considered as a warranty claim


 If the purchased product fails within the warranty period (Warranty periods are mentioned on the invoice), the Customer needs to notify DSI with its symptom within the warranty period and return identical parts back to DSI within 10 days under given RA number.
 Upon the date of request, customers can either receive warranty replacement (Based on market availability, the price may vary) or full refund (after the product is returned, evaluated and warranty claim accepted by DSI) unless the item was purchased under prorated warranty.
 If the item was purchased under prorated warranty, the item will be subject to a refund only and calculated by the following equation.
 Refundable amount = Invoice amount * (Remaining Warranty Days / Full Warranty days)

 Warranty Claimed product may be denied if
 Customer opens product without prior approval
 Customer tempers with the product or its warranty seal
 The damage was found on the product
 Customer claim symptom does not match with DSI evaluated symptom
 If the customer fails to return or notify within agreed period and condition, the returned item will be
considered as exchange core.


 If a customer wishes to restock the product, the customer needs to notify and return the original item back to DSI within 21days from the original shipment date.
 Non-refundable item will not be accepted as restocking (Non-refundable item will be mentioned on Invoice)
 If the product is returned within the agreed period, the following restock penalty will be applied unless otherwise stated on the invoice.
 Sealed (Un-opened) restocking: 20%
 Open restocking: 25%
 Restock can be denied from DSI if the product is
 Tempered
 Warranty seal is broken
 The damage was found on the product
 If the customer fails to return or notify within an agreed period (21days), the returned item will be considered as an exchange core.


 Some items have an uncertain chance of its core being unrepairable: Coils, Service Tools, Gradient, RF Power Amplifiers, and Power Supplies. If said items turn out to be “unrepairable", despite DSI’s best efforts, DSI reserve the right, having exercised all available repair options at our expense, to rebill the item as an outright sale.
Examples of these "unrepairable" conditions include and are not limited to the
following: missing components, badly burnt circuit boards, leaking heat exchanger and any
type of major damage that is beyond repairable (which decision is made by DSI's external
repair facility, per ISO9001:2015’s approved vendor list).
 CUSTOMER assumes the risk that the exchange item provided may be deemed
unacceptable and/or "unrepairable", and therefore CUSTOMER agrees as a term of sale to
accept OUTRIGHT billing if the item cannot be repaired.
 DSI will grant an extension of an additional 5 business days for an acceptable core to be
received should there any of the aforementioned issues occur, as requested.
 CUSTOMER is responsible for the proper packaging of the return items – NOT the carrier.


 Unless otherwise specified with customers, all parts shall be shipped EXW DSI warehouse, under the customer’s own expense. Risk and responsibility will pass to the customer as soon as the product leaves the DSI warehouse or dispatching location.
 Unless otherwise specified with the customer, all return parts shall be shipped DDP DSI warehouse, with the customer’s own expense. Risk and responsibility will pass to DSI as soon as the product arrives at the DSI warehouse.
 This policy applies to all parts shipped including DOA/Warranty Claim/Restocking Parts to ensure proper credit. Please ship all returns with RA number clearly marked to:

Digit Systems International
Attn: Warehouse Department
Suite A, 1045 Research Center Dr. SW
Atlanta, GA 30331
Tel: (404) 500-2183
Email: logistics@digitsi.com


 Payment due dates are based off the day the part leaves DSI’s facility.
 Customers with payment term are subject for late fee if a customer fails to deliver payment within agreed time. To compensate check & Wire transfer delay, DSI agrees to provide 5 additional days unless otherwise specified. Once grace period ends, customer agrees DSI to reserve the right to assess the late fee as below
 35days – 60days = 1.5%
 61days – 90days = 3.0%
 91 days over = 4.5%
 Customer with 91days of unpaid balance will goes to collections and buyer will be responsible for all costs associated with collections, including but not limited to attorney fees incurred.
 All Credit card/PayPal transaction fee will incur the following fees:
 Domestic: 3%
 International: 5%
 All international Wire transfer bank fee will be considered customer’s responsibility.


 Seller claims no right, title or interest in or to any software or other licensed products (“Products”) that may be attached to or necessary for the operation of the equipment that is the subject of this Agreement, and further, Seller disclaims any responsibility for procuring for Buyer from the owner or owners of such Products the legal right to use such Products, whether by assignment of any licenses or other conveyance, and such Products will at all times remain the property of the owner or owners thereof. Buyer is solely responsible for obtaining or causing to be obtained the proper legal authority to use such Products from the owner or owners thereof, and Buyer shall indemnify and hold Seller harmless from and against all claims by others arising from allegations of Buyer’s wrongful use thereof, or from Buyer’s failure to properly observe all copyright restrictions and any other proprietary interests claimed by others in connection with such Products.


 Liability for any claim under this T&C is limited to the price of the item which are the basis for such claim, regardless of whether such claim is made at law, in tort, in contract or pursuant to any other theory, including strict liability. Neither DSI nor customer will have any liability to the other for punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages such as lost profits or revenue, even if such party has been advised of the possibility of the same.

The transaction described in and those occurring pursuant to this policy are each a commercial transaction. Any Action related to this policy shall be based solely on commercial law principles. Neither party shall have any negligence or other tort liability to the other arising from this policy or transactions occurring pursuant hereto.

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