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Customized MRI&CT Equipment Solution

MRI & CT Scanners


Quality starts with an inspection from the professionals. Couple photos on a piece of a paper is hard to say an inspection report. DSI’s report contains how great the system is but also information of any defects or potential defects of the system. What matters most is you need to know what exactly you are buying! DSI always presents microscopic detailed report that will show from shim values to SNR values so customer don’t have to be surprised after system is installed.


Deinstallation is very important part of process. When you are purchasing an equipment, your expectation is to deinstall the system as delicate as possible and control when you want to turn of the the helium compressor. All of these customization is fully possible with DSI as we have our own professional team ready to commit your project.


DSI provides storage service for your valuable equipment that includes from cold magnet to CT scanners. Until decision is made, we will store valuable customer property like ours.


In case you are not satisfied with system you’ve just purchased, DSI provides refurbish service on your medical equipment that will meet our certified ISO standards. DSI carries GMP(Good manufacturing practice) certification to refurbish MRI.

About Our Digit Systems International

Based in Atlanta Georgia, Digit Systems International was founded in 2010. DSI has established itself as one of the leaders in the refurbished Diagnostic Imaging parts and equipment industry by focusing on international parts and service solutions.

With Sister companies in Europe, Asia, North, Central, and South America, DSI maintains control of the equipment from the moment of de-installation, throughout the transport and refurbishing process and until it’s is installed at a customer site. All of our remanufactured parts go through a complete validation process and come with full replacement warranties.