Meet Our Team

DSI Medical Technologies

Diego de Saint-Albin [Technology Development]

As founding member and CEO of DSI, Diego has managed to transform a company that started out of garage into one of the leading providers of after-market parts, equipment and tools for the Diagnostic Imaging service industry. Some of the achievements Diego is most proud of:

– Development of structured business practices ultimately leading to a culture of accountability and transparency

– Successful implementation of a flat leadership culture. DSI management mantra: “We are all servants to the cause”. As such DSI’s decision making processes favor good decisions regardless of where they originate from. Empowering and engaging our people is a cornerstone of DSI’s vision.

– Shortening the “data-path”. By streamlining and improving it’s accounting and metrics strategy DSI has effectively become a data-driven company. DSI now understands its business, its customer needs and is able to make adjustments in real-time.

– Building DSI long-term technology roadmap aimed at creating new and meaningful solutions for the industry. Diego designed DSI’s widely successful superconductive power supplies for MRI systems and will aim at developing a number of new custom products in his new role of Product Development and Technology Director.

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